It Doesn’t Take Any Guesswork To Know…

What You Really Want Is To Make More Money, You Make More Money By Selling More Of Your Products And Services, You Will Sell Boatloads More Of Your Products And Services By Having The Best Copy.     

That’s Not A Guess, That’s A FACT!

Hi, chances are if you’re aiming for success you’re pretty busy. So, let’s strip away all of the time wasting nonsense and get right down to it.

You’re on a mission and that is to make your business successful. It’s a great side benefit if you also love what you do, but growing your business is your number one priority. I understand this 100%.

To build your business the copy on your sales page, website and every single promotional piece your prospects and customers see has to help you make the sale or it’s worthless.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a brochure, web page, product description page or a sales letter if it’s not EFFECTIVELY steering your prospect towards making a purchase it’s not only worthless it’s also costing you untold sums of money!

You can’t afford to have prospects coming to your website or viewing your sales materials and not converting into buyers, you just can’t. Especially not in today’s roller coaster economy where so many businesses that were once flourishing (some of which are even household names) are now going under or taking huge hits in sales.

Sure, you could have gotten away with less than stellar copywriting back when things were booming, but you don’t need anyone to tell you that it’s a whole new ballgame now.

Everyone knows they need great copy on all of their sales materials and websites it’s just the way it is. And you know you absolutely must have stellar copy to grow your business in these uncertain times.

Bottom line: the only thing you really care about from your copy is that it produces results in a very big way.

[jbox color=”blue”]josh1BOOM! Talk about COPY that SELLS!!! My team and I are absolutely STOKED with your work.
I can’t tell you how much money I have WASTED on ‘want-to-be’ ad and copy writers… it makes me sick to think about how many thousands I have lost…
But even worse that the money I lost paying them, was the money I lost in advertising poor converting copy and just plain ole NOT GETTING SALES!
So when you asked me what I think about what you did? Well I think my company is LUCKY we found you and SMART to have chosen you.
In today’s me me me world of money grubbing, out to screw you, cut throat marketing companies – you STAND OUT.
INTEGRITY and RESULTS, that’s what I think about you.

no seriously… on behalf of my employees and my business THANK YOU!

I’m sending you my next product to write copy for!

J. Joshua Beistle
CEO of
[/jbox] [jbox color=”green” title=”Listen To What Brennie Said!”]rsz_1brennieI don’t know what to say other than this.
To say Patrick is the best copywriter ever would be like saying Warren Buffet is kind of rich.

We have hired 14 copywriters over the years before finding Patrick and not one of them were even close to being in his league, NOT EVEN CLOSE!
He’s the best, simply the best. Just hire the guy and he’ll be your copywriter for life!

Brennie Klostermein
Co CEO of Leaf It Behind Global Backpacking And Adventure Tours


[boxibt style=”gray”]

rsz_kensington_press_cert_of_ex A client over in England was so pleased with their copy that they entered it into a writers contest for a publishing house over there.

Well, the copy won 1st place in the copywriting division of the competition. I’m told it was the 1st and only entry by a foreigner to win anything.

All I can say is thank you very much Margaret, I truly appreciate you and I’m honored you like my work. [/boxibt] [jbox color=”blue”]rsz_tj_Patrick the Impact you’ve had on my business has been nothing short of astounding.

I knew trading out my old copy that wasn’t converting had to be done but I was reluctant because I had already paid for it.
So, finally I did it and the results have been night and day. I went from not having any conversions to over 3.5%.

It’s the best feeling in the world when you finally make a profit. Thank you isn’t even close to being enough, but… thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

TJ Lynch, CEO, Black Wolf Resorts, S.A., Doral, FL


[jbox color=”green”]womans pic 1I’ve got to just lay it on the line here. Patrick is the best copywriter I’ve ever seen.
He captured the essence of what our clients feel when they leave our spa’s and got them envisioning it before they ever set foot in the door.

Working aboard cruise ships like we do you only have that one second for your brochure, sales page or the video loop he did for us to get the customer to commit.

Well, I can say that sales are up more than 30% since we started working with him which has equated to over 4 million dollars in added annual revenue.
Also, he gave us more business consulting ideas for free than anyone we’ve ever paid for that’s for sure.

Bottom line, just throw money at him, no matter how much you spend on him you’ll make it back 500 fold. I know I sure did!

Samantha Wickerson
CEO Pamper Me Now


So, how can better copywriting have an insanely dramatic impact on your business?

Let’s take a look at a quick example:

Your business sells X product for $99 (remember this is only an example). You spend $5,000 dollars to drive 10,000 potential prospects to your nice beautiful long copy sales page.

In this example you’re doing a Google Adwords campaign with really good buyer focused keywords so the traffic quality is not the issue.

The problem is; the copy you thought you were getting a bargain price on doesn’t convert all that well.

With your 10,000 site visitors you sell .5% (1/2 a percent) which equals 50 sales X $99.00 = $4,950. Which means you lost $50 in advertising, you lost ALL of your product costs PLUS all of your time and hard work went down the drain as well…. painful to say the least.

Now, you go out and hire really good copywriter to write a completely new sales page. The price is quite a bit higher but fair and you are hopeful that they will be able to help you solve your back breaking problem. Because let’s face it, you can’t continue to lose money like that, no one can.

You get the new long copy sales page up, the designers did a great job it looks even better than before. You read it and you’re so sold you’d even pay yourself for your own product.

Next you drive 10,000 new prospects to the page with the EXACT SAME Adwords campaign and eagerly await the numbers.

This time your site converts at an amazing 3% so you sold 300 units at $99.00 which equals $29,700 in sales and you just made a nice tidy profit.

Keep in mind this was just an example. No matter what kind of business you run whether it’s a Pizza parlor, Manufacturing facility, Dentists office, an Online Store or any type of business you can name the amount per sale or the number of customers will be different but the general results remain the same. Great copy sells… period!


“The ability to organize words that motivate people to buy is a superpower.”

Dan Kennedy.


One Thing To Always Remember is…

If I accept you as a client I will make you many multiples of whatever my fees might be. Because you won’t be driving 10,000 people to your site one month (as the example shows) and then just stopping. You’ll be driving traffic to it for years.

Just think about that for a moment. If you were in that example and selling 300 units at $99 each per month look at the kind of money you would be making per year. Then times that by 3 years, 5 years or even lifetime. Now how much is your new sales page worth to you?

As a good copywriter I don’t cost you money, I make you money!!!

There are many types of copy that I can write for you. However I specialize in the ones that are going to make you the most money and have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

[jbox color=”blue”]rsz_ronald_jasmin_2If you want Killer Copy then Patrick’s your guy!

Who else have you ever heard of in your life that guarantees their copy? No one that’s who.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I have wasted on cheap copywriters. Well, guess what? Cheap isn’t cheap, you get what you pay for. When you get a chance to work with a guy like Patrick JUMP ON IT!

Because you can have the greatest product in the world and if your copy doesn’t make them buy it they’re never going to know if it was good or not because they’ll never get to try it.

Ronald Jasmin, President
Metropolitan Services Website Design
[/jbox] [jbox color=”green”]rsz_business_shotWe all know that without great copy we’re basically out of business. Bad copy = no sales and great copy = fabulous sales.

Well, if you want great copy and thereby fabulous sales you hire Patrick, you turn all your copywriting needs over to him and you make money.

His copywriting fees for the results he gets are 1/2 of what he should be charging. Because you know what’s really expensive? spending for copy, spending for the web guys to put it up, shoveling out an enormous amount on advertising and getting no results. That’s back breaking expensive!

I don’t know how you do it, but please keep doing it!
Thank you, San Pan
[/jbox] [jbox color=”blue”]rsz_rick_g_tuneman_picYou never know what you’re going to get when you hire a copywriter for the first time so it’s easy to be a little bit skeptical.
Well, you can forget all that right now. Patrick will so over deliver you’ll think you’re underpaying him and should send him a bonus.
To say the copy he delivers is par excellence would be a grand understatement. If he has time to work your project into a time slot you will be immensely happy you found him.
Rick G. CEO Of Tunes Man


What Types Of Copy Can Help Your Business Grow The Fastest And Easiest?

I suggest focusing on a few key areas and one of these may just surprise you.

[icon icon=”ic-green6″] Sales Letter: Quite possibly the single biggest sales asset you will ever have in your company. It can be responsible for amazing growth and you can use it online or in print.

[icon icon=”ic-green6″]  Website Copy: You need to have your website copy mesh and flow with ALL of your other sales materials. It needs to constantly be directing your prospect towards placing an order or it’s hampering your sales process, no question about it.

[icon icon=”ic-green6″] Sales Materials: This includes brochures, pamphlets, video scripts, phone scripts etc…

[icon icon=”ic-green6″] AR Series: Your follow up Auto Responder Series after you collect your prospects email or make a sale is one of the most important parts of your business – guaranteed! You may have heard the money’s in the list. Well, your AR series is your marketing campaign to your list.

[icon icon=”ic-green6″] Product Descriptions: Your product descriptions on your site have to make your prospect want your product or service or they won’t push that order button.

[icon icon=”ic-green6″] Shopping Cart: When you want to drastically reduce your shopping cart abandonment make the copy in your cart part of the sales process.

[icon icon=”ic-green6″] Congruency: If your message doesn’t flow and is disjointed over many different pieces of your sales materials your prospect won’t know what you are selling or what you want them to do. You need to have your materials checked for congruency to be sure your message is consistent across all of your copy or your customers won’t be able to give you nearly as much of their money!


“The business that considers itself immune to the necessity for advertising sooner or later finds itself immune to business” 

-Derby Brown


Here’s What You Do Next…

You already know great copy isn’t a luxury it’s an absolutely vital business necessity which you can have incredibly great success with or miserable failure without.

Please be forewarned! Not every copywriting job will be accepted.

All new projects are subject to review and availability. Every job is reviewed to ensure the products a company’s offering are of high quality and of course no illegal activities are involved. Then scheduling will be overseen to ensure there is an ample time slot available for your project.

Request You Free Copywriting Evaluation Now!

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Your Iron Clad Guarantee: If for any reason the unedited copy I’ve written for you is not converting high enough we will devise a buyer keywords  Adwords campaign where you will purchase at least 1,000 clicks. If it does not pull at least 1.5% I will rewrite it one time for free.    

Yes, I know most copywriters don’t guarantee their copy. That should tell you something about the quality of my work.

Patrick Shelley


P.S. Grab your Free Copywriting Evaluation (Click Here) with no strings attached and see what great copy can do for your business.
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