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You Must Have The Edge Over Your Competition To Bring The Loads Of New Visitors You Need And Then Convert Them Into The Sales That Are The Life Blood Of Your Business!

Gone are the days when you could just throw up a web page, spray some back links at it and it would rank. With Google’s new algorithms you’ll never be able to do that again.

However, you need your website to rank high for good keywords so you can get the traffic to your site and make money. You simply must get new people to your site calling you, ordering your products or services and buying your offers. There are no two ways about it, if you don’t have new customers it’s just a matter of time before your business is out of business.

That’s exactly why you need a content writer that knows this 100%, inside out and sideways. You need someone who’s content brings in the visitors you need post Panda and Penguin 2.0. Who knows the secrets to writing the content that has multiple keywords and keyword phrases ranking all over the internet bringing you the new potential customers you must have to stay in business.

Patrick Shelley has been writing content that ranks and brings in customers for more than 14 years and has been copywriting for more than 30 years.

What do Patrick’s Clients have to say…

[jbox color=”green”]1carol_anneI was stuck. I needed more traffic to my site so I could increase my sales which is what everyone wants right!

Well, I had Patrick do 3 – 2,000 word plus pages to test it out and see how it went. All I can say is WOW! It started slowly just like he said but now in under 2 months I have a really nice steady stream of traffic to those pages.

My sales are up (I still want even more sales, of course who doesn’t right!) and I have had Patrick do a total of 20 more pages for my site many of which are already bringing in traffic.

Patrick knows how to write SEO content in a very special way that gets me traffic from keywords I never even dreamed of before. And those keywords convert into buyers really, really well.
The type of traffic Patrick gets you doesn’t just last for a few days like the brutally expensive paid advertizing, his lasts forever.

Carol Anne Breahart: Freelance Programmer – Active VPF, Perl, Python and Ruby
[/jbox] [jbox color=”blue”]Jamal JohnsonOh My God! I don’t know if what he does is magic or what but it’s been magic to my sales and my traffic.

My sites were getting a tiny little bit of traffic, nothing to speak of and it was seriously frustrating to say the least.

Then a friend told me about Patrick and that was the end of my traffic problems. I got him writing the special magic web pages he does and I had him add his YouTube video package to it to kick it off. Seriously the best money I ever spent on my business.

The YouTube videos he creates get steady traffic flowing and then his web pages get a bunch of social media likes and shares then Google loves the pages and you are getting the real traffic you want.

The best part without a doubt is I’m making money!!!

Thank you so much, Jamal Johnson CEO Dance It Off Inc.
[/jbox] [jbox color=”green”]StaceyTraffic, traffic, traffic that’s what you get! What could you possibly want more than that?

Well, ok maybe you want to go to Patrick’s Copywriting page and have him do a sales letter their too like I did and it’s the best converting sales letter I’ve ever seen we are at over 4% off web traffic, Whooot!

Let’s put it this way; you have to get traffic or you’re done! Patrick gets you that traffic and can add a traffic boost too. With traffic you get sales with no traffic you get zero, any questions?

Stacy Steinbauer: Way To Go Travel BVI LLC

Here’s Exactly What You Get When Patrick Writes Your SEO Content!

[icon icon=”ic-green6″]All top ten ranking sites in Google are analyzed for multiple keywords surrounding your keyword and topic. ALL of the top LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords from ALL top 10 ranking sites written into your content. This has to be done properly and Patrick is one of only just a couple of writers that even know how to do this in theory let alone do it every day in practice like he does.

Remember, you’re really only competing against the top 10 results that make up the 1st page, whoever is on page 2 or below really doesn’t matter that much.

By analyzing the keyword strengths of each of your competitors sites and using the best ranking power from each and every one you get the best of the best put into your content you want to rank.

Using the top LSI keywords and phrases from all of the top 10 gives you the power to rank many keywords and phrases all over the internet and get traffic from places you never even knew existed.

Also, all “applicable” Google auto complete keywords that will help drive traffic will be woven into your content as well.

[icon icon=”ic-green6″]Content that accomplishes your goals! When you order you’ll be asked what it is you’re wanting to accomplish. Is it that you want the content to drive prospects to a sales page? Get them to call you? Get them to come in to your location? Whatever your goal it will be accomplished. Please remember that if you’re looking for sales page copy (direct response sales copy) then please see that section of this site to order. This is SEO content writing you’re ordering here.

[icon icon=”ic-green6″]Content that gets traffic to your site by ranking for all those LSI keywords and keyword phrases all over the internet.

Let’s face it, you want SEO content because you want to get people on your site. Then you want them to take a specific action. Patrick understands this 100% and will make it happen.

How Does This Benefit You?

[icon icon=”ic-blue6″]You get visitors to your site

[icon icon=”ic-blue6″]You get them to take a specific action like go to your sales page (as an example)

[icon icon=”ic-blue6″] Your visitor views your sales page & buys something and you make money (as an example)

What you need to do now is place an order below and get your order in queue so that no one else takes your spot.


[icon icon=”ic-green5″]1. SEO content writing is priced at .9 (nine cents) per word rounded down to the nearest 50 – see #2 below.

[icon icon=”ic-green5″]2. Rounding Down: Writing fees are per word, however they are rounded down to the nearest 50. So, if you’re like most clients and you order a 500 word web page and it comes out to 547 words you still only pay for 500 words. OR- if you ordered 600 words and it came out to 644 words (as an example) to finish the topic or thought then you would only pay for 600 words.

Any amount of words you receive over your ordered amount are FREE. If you order a 2,000 word web page and you receive 2,109 words all of the 109 words are free.

Ordering Guidelines:

1. Please realize you are not ordering Direct Response Sales Copy Here. To order Direct Response Sales Copy please click here The requirements and pricing for sales copy are vastly different.

2. Please understand SEO content is content that you would use as a web page or blog post to rank for as many different spots on the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) as possible to bring as much traffic as possible. As you know it’s traffic that is the life blood of your business!

3. To view samples of Patrick’s SEO Content Writing Click Here

How To Order:

1. You will click a link below to go to the contact page.

2. Simply fill out the contact form completely and Patrick will call you to personally talk with you and take notes. This is done so that you will get the content that will best fit your needs and help you achieve your individual goals.

3. You’ll then be sent a PayPal email address to send the money to using the send money as a friend feature in PayPal.

4. Once your payment is received your copy will be written within the deadline specified and delivered to you so that you may put up on your site.

Please click here to fill out the contact form to get started: Click Here!




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