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The Portfolio below is broken down as follows:

1. The “Please Read This First” document. As the name implies please read it first.

2. Sales letters. Some will be on separate web pages and once on the new page you may need to click on it a couple of times to get it to open to FULL view depending on your browser settings. If you see your cursor is a magnifying glass with the plus sign click again to enlarge it further.

Some sales pages will be in PDF’s as they were delivered to clients.

3. Product descriptions and or write ups.

4. Documents used for various purposes as in driving traffic, educating customers and many other purposes.

Please understand that what you see below is just a very small portion of my writings over the years, thank you!

Read This First

Please Read This First

 Sales Type Pages

Protein Powder

Weight Loss Product

Cardio Product

Golf Swing Sales letter

Self Help Personal Development

Joint Reform Sales Copy

Life Code sales Letter

Safe Shampoo Squeeze page

Music Lawyers Book Sales Page

“Yes” Squeeze Page

I Just Want To STOP The Dog Barking NOW1

The (leveraged) Secret To The Beach Body of Your Dreams

Weight Loss Sales Letter

Real Estate Cash For Homes Letters

Network Marketing Site Sales Page

Young Living Distributors Marketing Sites For Sale

AR (Email) Series

IM AR Series 4 Weeks

Outdoor Food Preparedness Email Series

Charity Video Scripts

Kick Start Water Pumps In Africa

2nd Kick Satrt Water Pimps In Africa Video Script

Website And Home Page Copy

Physician Burnout Treatment Program

Web Pages That Sold Product On Sites

Efficiency Home Builder Long Scroll Home Page And IFC Page

Calcium Product Web Page

Enzymes Product Web Page

Fiber Product Web Page

Green Foods Product Web Page

Multi Vitamin Product Web Page

Shampoo and Conditioner

IFC Custom Home Homes

Brochure Copy

Shelley Online Collection Brochure

What Is Health


Outdoor Foods Preparedness Newsletter

Educational Materials & Manuals

Business Associates Handbook For MLM Co.

Auto Responder Copy – The Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Tea Facts

Real Food Story

90 Day Inactive Welcome Back Call Script

Website Parts And Pieces

Shopping Cart Descriptions

 Here is a page a Dr. wrote about me

A Man Obsessed

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I Just Want To STOP The Dog Barking NOW1

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